Hi, I'm George!


This is my personal space dedicated to hobbies, side-projects, and just random stuff that I find amusing.

Be warned, I’ve been writing and posting here for over three decades. Some of what I’ve written as a teenager might be now out of sync with my tastes, beliefs, and even reality. Sometimes, I also publish works-in-progress here, to get early feedback from folks. I choose to leave it all as is for posterity, as a record of my growth (or more likely a decline, as I enter my 6th decade).

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Yield to temptation

Oscar Wilde famously wrote, “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” But this quote is as profound as it is misunderstood. People believe that giving in to a temptation is a weakness. And they judge harshly those who can’t resist their unhealthy urges. Yet, they don’t apply the same standard to people obsessed with, say, sports or arts. The difference between these two is thinner than most think.
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Distributed Ops for Distributed Apps

My proposal for a talk I delivered at Velocity Amsterdam, 2016. Slides are included at the bottom of the page. For the full transcript of the talk, visit https://sudarkoff.blog/p/distributed-ops-for-distributed-apps (paid subscription, free trial available). Description In the world of microservices, when things are moving fast and constantly breaking, the accepted wisdom is that teams must own the whole stack and operate their services themselves. But how much stack is “the whole stack”?
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Ingredients 3 eggs 1 pinch of salt 3 tbs of brown sugar 30g of butter 200g of all purpose flower 0.5L of whole milk 1 generous splash of Amaretto (alt: vanilla extract, Rhum, any other flavorful booze) Method Batter Beat the eggs Add the sugar and salt, and stir well Add the melted butter, and stir well Add some flour until the batter gets more uniform and then add some milk to make it smooth, continue until all flour rand milk have been added Add Amaretto Let the batter rest for an hour Cooking You will need a ladle, some melted butter in a small container and a brush to oil the pan Set the pan on a medium heat Brush the pan with a little bit of melted butter (repeat every 5-6 crêpes) Using the ladle, pour some batter onto the pan while tilting and turning it to cover the entire surface of the pan with batter Take care not to make it too thick, these are not pancakes!
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