Borders 2010

The Borders of Santana Row is a typical big book store with typical clientele. Adrienne and I are sitting on the second-floor terrace of the store. People on the terrace talk quietly. The terrace is not too big but it is not too small either. It’s bracketed by a couple of trees on both sides - an ivi on the left and a palm tree on the right. I love it when leaves and branches are touching the human-built structure. There’s something deeply intimate about that. The trees are embracing and accepting our unnatural selves. Or maybe they just want to strangle us - who knows?

Down on the street there is a lazy Sunday afternoon commotion of cars and people. Santana Row is a busy place on any day, but is certainly so on a Sunday afternoon. Nonetheless, the buzz of the street is somehow subdued and absorbed by the plentiful trees. The occasional truck disturbs this semi-quietness and then everything’s back to normal. Couples and families are walking up and down the streets, a Mexican band is playing in the distance.

The barely noticeable smell of coffee in the warm air, the almost forgotten feeling of the pen scratching the paper, the quiet buzz of the street - life looks pretty good from the terrace. Not even a slow WiFi or the lack of power outlets can spoil my mood.

September 6, 2010 |

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