CD turned 25

A few days ago CD turned 25. It’s hard to believe that it was around for that long! I bought my first audio CD in early 90s – good ten years after the media debut on August 17, 1982. It was “Morrison Hotel” by The Doors. I couldn’t listen to it for a good couple of months because I didn’t have a player. Then I got a CD ROM drive for my PC. The drive was insanely expensive and had a feel of something that came from outer space.

Fast forward fifteen years – I ripped everything I had to my hard drive and I listen to it on the iPod. I don’t buy music on CDs anymore either. And finally six months ago, when I was moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco I gave a few hundred of my audio CDs – everything I owned – to a friend of mine. So, RIP CD. It was the glorious 25 years and we will remember you kindly!

August 21, 2007 |

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