Emergency Supplies

This document is a work in progress.

This is a worksheet for calculating the amounts of emergency supplies for a family of a given size.

Change these variables to recalculate the numbers (I’m using the mind-bogglingly amazing Calca to edit this document):

persons = 6    # 3 adults, 2 kid, 2 pets averages to ~6 persons
days = 10      # minimum recommended by US government


If treated properly, water can reliably be stored for 5 (recommended) and in some cases even up to 10 years.

water per person per day = 1gl # a recommended minimum for drinking, food prep and hygiene

supply of water = persons * days * water per person per day
    => 60gl

barrel volume = 55gl
water barrels = supply of water / barrel volume
    => 1.0909


calories per person per day = 2,600cal # for a moderately active middle aged male

supply of calories = persons * days * calories per person per day
    => 156,000cal

clif builders bar = 270cal
energy bars = ceil(supply of calories / clif builders bar) # just for scale
    => 578

To be continued…


Gas to power the generator (calculation are for the Champion Power Equipment 46539 generator).

tank capacity = 3.8gl
burn per hour = 3.8gl / 12                     # if running at 50% load (~1500 Watt)
hours per day = 8                              # running part of the day
gas per day = burn per hour * hours per day
    => 2.5333gl

supply of gas = days * gas per day
    => 25.3333gl
jerry cans = supply of gas / 5gl
    => 5.0667


E.g.: propane for cooking.

To be continued…

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