Why I switched from MacPorts to Homebrew

This is my unscientific observations about and the reasons I switched from MacPorts to Homebrew. Some of this reasons are no doubt subjective. But that doesn’t mean they are not important to me.

Main reasons

  • /usr/local is a better location for installing software on a BSD-based Unix system than /opt (we can argue about this ad nauseam, but the record has been set straight decades ago)
  • Homebrew trusts the sanity of the OSX rather than try to bring its own bits, which nowadays is a better, more economical approach
  • it is much easier to contribute recipes to Homebrew
  • Homebrew is easier to integrate into custom DevOps contraptions
  • Homebrew has a real sense of community and this is important for OSS

Superficial reasons

  • Homebrew is lighter
  • Homebrew uses Git throughout which makes installing, upgrading and hacking it a lot easier
  • Homebrew feels a lot more open
  • the cost of trying Homebrew is negligible

July 11, 2013 |

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