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I often have projects that don’t fit in a predefined category. This is the place for those projects. Just a couple of examples below.


Felted clogs

Black felted clogs

I made three pairs of these - one for myself, one for my mom and one for my dad. More information on this pattern is available on my Ravelry.com page.

Felted laptop sleeve

Felted laptop sleeve

It turned out much better than I expected. The christmassy color theme is not intentional - these are just the colors that looked good to me in the store. More information about this project is available on my Ravelry.com page. Since I “designed” this pattern, I’ll do a little write up about it here later.


Wine Rack Ikea hack

We had this Ikea kitchen cart that we used as a wine rack for some time. But it wasn’t a very satisfying wine rack as the cart had only two shelves and we had to stack the bottles on top of each other and they would fall off the cart from time to time - it wasn’t pretty. So one day I decided to hack it and build a proper wine rack out of it. Here’s the result:

Ikea kitchen cart converted to wine rack

The entire project took me about 4 hours (stretched over the course of two weekends) to build and I spent just under $50 on materials. I am quite satisfied with how it turned out. Someday I’ll post the details about it here.

May 10, 2012 |

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