Running in 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Last Saturday’s long run didn’t go very well. By Siberian guy’s standards the weather was absolutely nasty — 100° Fahrenheit and 100% humid. I only managed to cover 3.7 miles with a couple of hours of layover in the air-conditioned office in the middle of the workout and at the embarrassingly pedestrian 11:00/mi. At the corner where I could have taken a longer route home, the “Steam Machine” by Daft Punk started playing in my earbuds; I figured that it was as good a sign as I could get without involving ER and took a shortcut instead. Something tells me that I will be running in the mornings from now on.

By the way, I noticed that more than 50% of my “power” running playlist consists of the tunes by The Crystal Method — I wonder if the guys are endurance sportsmen themselves. With track names like Bound Too Long, Ready For Action, Tough Guy, Trip Like I Do, Murder, Name Of The Game, Comin’ Back and Starting Over they just have to be.

June 5, 2006 |

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