Running outdoors

Yesterday I was running outdoors for the first time since high school. I made a few discoveries:

  • My mouth generates torrents of spit – something that never bothered me while I was running exclusively on a treadmill.
  • Despite the common understanding that a treadmill is easier on your joints, running on the concrete pavement caused me far less pain in joints, I guess the reason being the multiformity. The monotonous repetitive nature of a treadmill had been wearing out my joints more than a slightly more hazardous but diverse terrain.
  • My legs ached however in ways I had never experienced before. But that was a good ache, it means some abandoned muscles are now getting their workout as well.
  • I can’t tell whether I am running slow enough to last even the shortest distance. I need some way of figuring out my pace and controlling it.

All in all, I had a great time running outdoors and am planning to do it more often now (if not always).

April 2, 2005 |

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