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I realized something yesterday - I need a running partner or a group. So I started looking for a running club in and around of Calabasas. Here’s how I figured I need a running buddy.

Yesterday night I headed out for a run. Finally, after a couple of weeks of hot weather and all my runs taking place on a dreaded treadmill, I was running outside and was enjoying it immensely. I was running a slow but steady pace of 9:00”/mi and it felt really great. And as I was approaching the last half-mile stretch a young fella wearing a hydration backpack (which pretty much means this was his long run) zoomed by so fast that I instantly felt like I was walking compared to him. Naturally, my male ego was hurt and I started catching up with the guy. When I evened out the pace and glanced at my Forerunner it was showing a whooping 7:30”/mi pace! And the most amazing part - it didn’t feel all that hard, it felt awesome! So, first, I need to re-examine my training regimen. And second, I need a running partner that will push me a bit.

July 11, 2006 |

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