The Edge

I experienced The Edge in May of 2008, and I still remember everything as if it had happened last night. Every time I walk by a cedar tree and catch a whiff of the wood, I am immediately reminded of my solo night that I spent in a shelter made of cedar bark. I realize that after the Camp I became more aware of the surroundings and began to notice things around me that I failed to see before.

The first part of the Camp was very educational and also great fun. We practiced starting a fire, learned how to build a shelter, how to find water and food, and everything else we needed to make our solo night more comfortable. In the meantime, along with the food for thought, we were fed a very nutritious and healthful diet consisting of brown rice, steamed veggies, and loads of fruit and nuts. If you don’t mind me sharing, by the end of the Camp whatever left my body was light brown in color and virtually odorless. I felt amazingly light on my feet and full of energy. Our survival meals were also memorable. Where else could I have learnt that a lizard tastes exactly like chicken? I only wished the little critter had had more meat on its bones!

Of course my favorite part of the Camp was the solo night. Let me tell you, there is a huge difference between sleeping in a tent and spending a night lying on a pile of pine needles two feet away from the fire listening to a bear walking by. You see everything around you (well, as much as the night time allows you), you smell everything, you feel the breeze - all of your senses are sharpened by the Edge! By the end, I felt empowered and confident of my ability to survive in the wilderness. But boy, did I appreciate every ounce of the four huge Angus beef burgers that I devoured at the feast following our solo night! I am very grateful to Mark and Celeste for everything, and I can’t wait to join them for another adventure!

May 31, 2009 |

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