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I have a very small shop - 365cm x 335cm (12’ x 11’). So fitting all the necessary tools and equipment is a challenge. This article is documenting my effort in building a useful workbench that would fit into my workshop. This is work in progress.

First of all, the requirements. The bench should:

  • be small
  • include a vise and/or other work holding options
  • act as an outfeed table for my table saw (i.e. have an adjustable height)
  • act as an assembly table (stay flat and square)
  • incorporate a router table
  • provide plenty of storage
  • be mobile

This is a lot of features to fit in a single small workbench. So naturally some compromises will need to be made. Below is the current design of the bench:

As you can see, the bench incorporates a router table and a number of full-extension drawers. Drawers are going to be made out of 19 mm (3/4”) plywood with 12 mm (1/2”) plywood bottoms. Each drawer will be able to hold about 45 kg (~100 lb) of stuff.

The top will be constructed as a torsion box to prevent sagging and warping. The box will be made out of 12 mm (3/4”) MDF. It is going to be a fairly tall torsion box in order to fit the vise inside:

Workbench, Torsion Box Top

Workbench top will have a couple of T-tracks for attaching the router fence as well as holding work pieces. In addition to T-tracks, a miter slot will be added on the router side of the table. Finally, for an endless holding possibilities, number of 20 mm (3/4”) dog holes spaced 19 cm apart will be drilled in the top.

Opposite the router side, a simple cabinet vise will be mounted to the torsion box.

September 26, 2013 |

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