Dvorak, progress update

It’s been six months since I switched to Dvorak. My current typing speed is 56 words per minute with the average error rate of 6.4%.

It is slightly slower than the 60 wpm I had with QWERTY just before the switch. And the error rate should be below 5% to consider my typing accurate.

Some might say that it’s a failed experiment—not only do I not type 40% faster than I did before the switch, as I hoped, my typing is also slightly less accurate.

Well, to me it’s a definite success! First, I didn’t get enough practice typing English. As I am not a typist and my job doesn’t involve typing regular human words. It’s mostly just short cryptic strings of all kinds of braces, underscores, ampersands, semicolons, slashes, etc.

But more importantly, my wrists experienced no pain in the last six months. Which I think is not a coincedence and a good enough reason to stick with Dvorak.