Markdown + Pandoc Workflow

Requirements This article outlines my setup and workflow for writing documents using Markdown and pandoc. This is a workflow that I personally find natural and convenient. There are some very important limitations (discussed below), but I’ve been successfully using this workflow for quite some time and it seems to be working great. Main requirements for my workflow were: plain text editing keeping track of multiple revisions collaboration with multiple simultaneous remote and offline authors support for multiple target output formats automated publishing (through an external build system and such) Limitations Note that publishing is a one-way process in this workflow.
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Dvorak, progress update

It’s been six months since I switched to Dvorak. My current typing speed is 56 words per minute with the average error rate of 6.4%. It is slightly slower than the 60 wpm I had with QWERTY just before the switch. And the error rate should be below 5% to consider my typing accurate. Some might say that it’s a failed experiment—not only do I not type 40% faster than I did before the switch, as I hoped, my typing is also slightly less accurate.
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Programmer's Productivity

A meditative piece in which I explore the notion of productivity as applied to the craft of a software developer (and other such crap). Yesterday I spent twelve hours hunting down a most bizarre bug. I flipped through literally thousands of lines of code, I set dozens of breakpoints only to realize that those places were being hit hundreds of times, and it is virtually impossible to debug it that way.
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